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Ashamane Repack 7.3.5/26972 vom 15.09.2018
von: ironhead123 10. Okt 2018 17:50 zum letzten Beitrag 10. Okt 2018 17:50

Einen privaten, funktionierenden WoW Server hosten?
von: Nostago 30. Sep 2018 20:51 zum letzten Beitrag 30. Sep 2018 20:51

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BeitragVerfasst: 3. Mai 2017 00:33 

Registriert: 12.2014
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WoWsource ( Ozeneu @Igorinus ) has been hacked by Anonymous. WoW 5.4.8 Source 2016 for Free! They want 500 euro for This! lol !!! *** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

##Project General Information

Cataclysm 5.4.8 Emulator - V4

Level 90
Fixes Daily
Greater Stability
Most Of Spells and Talents works
Professionally Designed
All Class Combinations and races are Fixed
##Read The Rules

Please push every Commit with the base Information Like DB Core and which File or Sector is affected e.g: Core/Player: Fix Carsh | Core/Guilds: Fix XP gain System | DB/Loot: Correct the loot for Npc
Push from now every SQL Update with Dates and from which Table it is. E.g: We modify some thing in creature_template us this as following: year_month_day_file number_world_creature_template.sql
Test all your Fixes first before you Push something
If you Test an unfinished Script, be sure to delink Script names or Set Creatures to Faction 35 or make them invisible, this will prevent future Crashes and Errors
When Developer X is pushing a fix and you have wrong informations about that fix, please do not modify those files and make them fail, speak with the owner of that Fix, or be 100% sure that Developer X make some mistakes
Never finish a Boss in SmartAI there are just two exceptions for SmartAI's in Boss scripts. 1: Low Level Instances, Trash NPCs in Raids or Instances. It will never work with SmartAI for all Phases and Spells and this is just wasting your time to make a SmartAI that not even work 100%
If you have a lot to do in your Real Life or just enjoy your holiday, be sure to Inform one of the other Developers. Because it's better to know, why a person isn't online for a week or two and this will keep our plan correct.
We have here a ToDo-List for Developers. Please ask every time if you can help in a Area e.g. Developer X is working on Dugeons, if you have time or a Fix, please ask this Person first, to push that fix. Because there is no other bad ass thing than push "Fixed Creatures" or Wrong Spawns and the other Developer need a rework on it
If you want to work in the same area like an current Developer, please speak with him and try to find a way that both of you can work on it, this will also prevent future problems or stress between developers
We work with the Issue Tracker here on Github , please do not just open an Issue, try to find out in which area it goes and assign one of us to it (See ToDo List)
Before you deleting a Creature or deleting a whole instance, be sure to check EVERYTHING!!! as example: (creature_addon, game_event_creature, every referenced Loot Template. Be sure to hold our World Clean.
Dont push any fix if that gives DB errors and if you not tested before and working has Intendant !
If you have an unfinished works push in into NotFinished Folder with Patch format & open a new Issue at Issue Tracker(describe it Well).
At the First mistake you will get a warning and the Second will get you out from our team if you not respect this rules!
All who FORK this REPO will be kicked out from REPO and exclude from our GROUP with no possibility to RETURN!
Sharing the files are totally against the rules of this team by any member and any violation of the rules will be kicked out from REPO and exclude from our GROUP with no possibility to RETURN! Bild

Downloade Sourcecode

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: WS548-v4
BeitragVerfasst: 3. Mai 2017 14:29 

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Hat das schon jemand angetestet? den für 500€ sollte das ja mal ein mega teil sein.

Ich kann leider nicht Kompelieren :shock:

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: WS548-v4
BeitragVerfasst: 3. Mai 2017 21:57 

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Ist ein alter Hut und schonn ein paar Monate hier im Forum.

Die Source haben wir damals getestet, die Datenbank ist Müll.
Die Source ist von dem Ungaren, und der hast Deutsche und ist ein Halsabschneider. Wir wurden alle gebant aus seinem Board.



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