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Warlords of Draenor Registration Page

Beitragvon alisom22 » 5. Mär 2015 17:58

Warlords of Draenor Registration Page

Have a great day.
Coming soon: forum, image slider (and other little change) !!
What to do?
Just create a database, execute the file inside the folder "SQL" and then open with notepad the file configs.php, edit it with your data

This website at the moment work for 1 server only.
I plan to update it when i have time and i don't study for my exams
Next feature incoming will be the forum

How can i insert a news? For the moment open your database and insert a new record by hand, I plan to do an admin panel to make it easier. The code inside the database can be a simple string or html code ^^

There is a section called Forum Posts, but there is no forum.. Yeah, i made it by hand because i don't want to see that section empty, when there will be a forum, it will be connected to it

I have found
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