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FusionCMS - Zul Aman theme

Beitragvon Bully » 23. Sep 2014 12:42

First off credits due to evil-s over at deviantart for the original design and the inspiration for me to attempt this recreation of it in a fusioncms theme ,I'm currently learning a little of photoshop each day that i can spare the time to do so and am self admittedly a complete novice so excuse any quality of replacements that i have used to recreate this for you all.

Download link will be at the bottom of the image below along with instructions on the theme Features


*** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

*** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

*** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

Ok now about using the theme,Before installing make sure to disable the "user panel" and "server status" in sideboxs in the admincp as it will cause conflict with the other login area and the pictured server status is a 3rd party standalone one.
Now you have done that install the theme as normal ,then add the 2x realmstatus folders to your fusion site root ,now in these folders open the config file in each and enter your details for your servers inside.
Goto your theme folder and edit the template.tpl ,look for the 2 lines with <iframe in and put your domain name in place for the ********** this will let it display your new realm blocks,there is enough space around each block for if you would like to add some font in photoshop saying server type eg 3.3.5a etc and at the bottom for the realmlist.
I have incuded the PSD's for the slider and a couple other things in case needed ,i have not included the logo PSD as that is Zafires from in his downloadable pack in his guildcraft theme and the one currently as pictured is just a placeholder.


Credit by wattz
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