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CraftedWeb Generation I

Beitragvon Thor » 22. Aug 2014 13:37

Als erstes muss ich sagen das ich diese Texte hier raus genommen habe. Die Links gehen nicht mehr daher habe ich es neu gemacht
um Euch zu zeigen wie Genial die Website eigentlich ist.

Short Info: The original author is no longer working on this project. The project is now being developed by nomsoft.

This CMS supports Trinitycore & Major cataclysm emulators in the same fashion (eg. Skyfire, ArkCore). Some extremely minor problems with cataclysm support can be found, but the website will work very well still.

The CMS has been built in Google Chrome. But it should work fine in most common browsers. (Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc). Internet Explorer is in general Very bad, and I won't personally put alot of effort into optimizing the website for The Worst Browser in the World. But the website will still be fully functional with just a few minor exceptions in Internet Explorer.

So what excactly makes CraftedWeb different from other CMSes out there?

CraftedWeb is simplistic, but yet extremely powerful. I can't really come up with alot more to say. I guess you'll have to find out yourself!

Feature List
•Account Management (Registration, login, change Email, etc)
•Forgot Password, aswell as Change Password.
•Realm Status
•Voting system
•PayPal donation system
•Seperate Vote & Donation shop
•Shopping cart
•News system w/ comments.
•Character tools (Unstuck, revive, teleport, race/name/faction/appearance change etc.)
•Fairly powerful Administration Panel
•Staff panel with customizeable access. (Limited Admin Panel)
•Account Management (Registration, login, etc)
•Major Cataclysm support
•Partly plugin support
•Basic template system
•Website compression
•Caching (Trashed project, was never completed fully)
•WoWHead & OpenWoW integration
•Facebook Integration
•phpBB Auto Account creation. (Will be hard to configure to some people)
•Multi-Realm support.
•"Notice" message.

And more...




This CMS supports custom templates. The templating system is pretty basic, but you can create pretty powerful templates yet.

Regarding the default template: I've actually seen this template released for free before, without my knowledge. I want everyone to know that I am the actual owner & author of the template, and I have 100% rights to distribute it however I want. (It was originally ripped-off of Majestic-WoW which has been one of my beta-testers.)


As this CMS has partly plugins support. For developers, you do have access to: Custom Classes, Stylesheets, Javascript, Pages & Modules("Sidebar thingy")

Since the Beta, the plugin system has been improved alot. I'll release a short documentation & example plugins for developers to try out later on. But essentially, installing a plugin is just as easy as dragging a folder into the '/plugins' folder. Plugins can be disabled/enabled from the Admin panel.


This CMS is no longer being updated. Some minor updates might happen to fix security and such. Nomsoft is currently developing Generation 2, and CraftedDev has joined the project for Webcraft.


Please note that this is the first public release. If you have problems, report them in this thread, and I'll fix them as soon as I can.

CraftedWeb Generation I on GitHub!

Written by Nomsoft:

Nomsoftware is no longer supporting CraftedWeb Generation I.

For the simple reasons of the original code. We have
been working hard on Generation II, completely re-done.
I just find it pointless to update bugs and code fixes to
the original, when the entire framework of the CMS is being changed.

We will still provide help on what we can on generation I until
the new release.

We have also changed the name from CraftedWeb to CraftedCMS.

p.s. don't ask 'when is version II coming'. you will know when it's out.
If you're curious, check for any updates regarding CraftedCMS II,

Hier meine links: 1 - github - Nomsoft
2 - github - asdyy

Demo: *** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

Als kleines BonBon biete ich an CraftedWeb-GERMAN-EDITON
Nun viel Spaß. Template und Mod sollte ja kein Problem sein diese im Netz zu finden
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Re: CraftedWeb Generation I

Beitragvon Bully » 23. Aug 2014 01:46

Herzlichen dank an die Leute die es möglich gemacht haben das wir es bekommen haben.

schaut selber

madmax ? such in den Skript configuration da steht alles drin was wir gesucht hatten.
Vertrauen wird oft dadurch erschöpft, dass es in Anspruch genommen wird.
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Re: CraftedWeb Generation I

Beitragvon madmax » 23. Aug 2014 20:26

Admin hat geschrieben:Herzlichen dank an die Leute die es möglich gemacht haben das wir es bekommen haben.

schaut selber

madmax ? such in den Skript configuration da steht alles drin was wir gesucht hatten.

Suppi werde ich machen ....................... danke

ich habe es gefunden
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