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[Tutorial] How to create your own Graveyard

Beitragvon Thor » 14. Sep 2014 19:12

I've got some leadning help on how to create your own custom graveyard here on Ac-Web.
And today i'm going to show you how to do it.

First of.. It's DBC based and you'll need a DBC Editor.
Download here: *** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

Once you have download it, open it and open file "WorldSafeLocs.dbc".

Now you see alot of text, numbers and such. Don't worry. It's pretty easy.

Right click somewhere safe and press "Insert Line...".
Now you'll see that you can write you'r own ID.

Type: 123123 ( For example ).
And press enter.

Now you'll be able to see a new row.

1: You'r ID ( remember it )

2: MapID
3: X-Position
4: Y-Position
5: Z-Position
6: Area Name. ( write what you want )

22: let it be like 0x0

Okey. To get this information, go in-game and go to the place where you wanna create the custom graveyard.
Type in .gps and you'll see X, Y & Z. You'll also see MapID.

Write that in to the new made row in the DBC Editor.
Remember to use Comma instead of a DOT when you write the Position Codes.
Save and quit the DBC Editor!

Now to the easier part.

Go into you'r world DB.
Find the table: Game_Graveyard_Zone

You'll see this:
1: ID

2: ghost_zone

3: Faction

In column 1. Write 123123 - As we used before in the DBC files.
In column 2. write the ZoneID ( You'll get it from the .gps in-game )
In column 3. write 0 for both factions ( Alliance & Horde ) - 469 - Alliance team only - 67 - Horde team only

( You see the table information here: *** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. *** )

Restart server, go in-game and die somewhere at that place and notice you'll have a new graveyard!

Credits goes to Rochet2
Go give him +rep!

If you have any questions or does not understand. Leave a Comment.
Thanks for me

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