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Legion 7.1.5 / 7.2.5 Project !!!!!!!
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 Betreff des Beitrags: MountGen - Mounted vehicle SQL generator for Trinitycore 3.3
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MountGen - Mounted vehicle SQL generator for Trinitycore 3.3.5


Hi, I've completed a GUI-based vehicle/mount SQL creator for Trinitycore 3.3.5 - I realise this program may only be useful to a handful of people, but I thought I'd share it instead of letting it rot away on my computer.


MountGen was built to offer a visual GUI and a fast, streamlined method of creating and inserting mounted vehicle NPC's directly into my World of Warcraft private server database.

What started out as a blank interface with a couple of text fields and buttons soon, over the course of a few days, evolved into a modest application with additional 'quality of life' features and SQL capabilities.

Using the program

I've tried to make MountGen as user-friendly for beginners as possible. If you're unsure of what you should be entering into a field, click the column title for a pop-up assistance message.

Several of the entry fields allow right-clicking which brings up a menu related to the selected field for quickly setting it's data. For example, right-clicking in the 'Mount Name' field brings up a menu from which you can set a random mount name.

MountGen's Interface should be self-explanatory, but refer to the next section for more details.

The Interface


· New - Erases current data and creates a new, blank file

· Save SQL - Saves your mount as a .SQL file which can be manually executed into your database (also saves a .mnt version of the mount in the 'Mountgen\Data\Saves' folder for backup & later editing, if required)

· Open - Allows you to open a .mnt file, which is MountGen's own file format, to edit previously created mounts

· Insert into Database - Inserts the mount directly from MountGen into your world database. This requires that your MySQL connection is already open and that you've set your MySQL login credentials via the MySQL > Configure menu


· Display ID Finder - Allows you to find the Model ID of an NPC based on that NPC's Entry ID. This data is retrieved and parsed from Wowhead and requires an internet connection to obtain

· Cursor Reference - A basic dialog box which displays the majority of WoW's cursors. Implemented as a visual reference when setting the 'Cursor' field in MountGen

· Launch WoW - Using this option, you can launch WoW from MountGen. The first time you select this option, you'll be prompted to locate your Wow.exe file. If you need to change the version of WoW you want to launch then open the Mountgen\Data\data.ini file in Notepad, delete string after the 'path=' entry under [wow], and open the 'Launch WoW' tool again.


· Wowhead - Enter a search term and hit 'Ok' to search Wowhead for the entered term

· OpenWow - Enter a search term and hit 'Ok' to search OpenWow's WOTLK database for the entered term

Export Options

· A non-functional, placeholder menu which may be updated at a later date if support for versions of WoW other than 3.3.5 is implemented.


· Configure - Set your login credentials for MySQL. If connecting to use localhost as the server entry.


Nah. The SQL insertion 'function' (insert.exe) was coded in Autoit. Autoit is an excellent, immensely popular scripting language which, unfortunately, causes terrible Antivirus programs to spazz out (this is because most AV programs are worthless and want to make themselves appear useful by flagging anything that runs as a virus). There is no code in any portion of MountGen that could even remotely be considered 'malicious'.

The file libmysql.dll in the MountGen\Data folder is used by the insert.exe application / function to connect to the MySQL database without ODBC.


Consider MountGen 1.0 as a BETA release. Since software of this nature appeals only to a relatively niché community, it's difficult to gather testers. If you encounter an error, you can help by submitting feedback in the MounGen forum post. If you don't encounter an error, but found MountGen useful, make a post as well!

No installer ~ Just unrar the MountGen folder and run. I've only used MountGen myself, on my own PC - it should be compatible with WinXP onwards, but if you find any bugs etc. let me know!


Thx a Credit Flammie

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