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I've been working on this program for a few days now and I already kinda finished it. If you have any other suggestions I should make, let me know. Anyway...

The program is coded in C# WPF, using MahApps Metro Window and using the dbcs to get IDs and Names from (Languages.dbc and Emotes.dbc).

Here's a little screenshot of the program:


So, by the looks of the program, here is little information for all the controls in the program, starting from top left, to bottom right:

Male/Female: Broadcast Text information. Check one of them (or both) to tell the program that MaleText and FemaleText in broadcast_text is a male or a female.
Entry: Entry ID of the creature that uses the text.
Group ID: Group ID for the desired text, this is the unique identifier that must be incremented for each new matching entry.
ID: Entry for grouped text - a say will be randomly selected from one of these based on the group it belongs to.
Text: The text that the creature will say.
Language: The language that the creature will use when text is initialized.
Probability: A value from 1-100 that represents the percentage chance that this text will be executed/initialized.
Emote: An emote that the creature will display when text is initialized.
Duration (handled in core, do NOT touch): Time in miliseconds to see text. 0 is default and calculated by core.
Comment: Not required, but if you want to comment something on why/when/how this text is executed/initialized by the certain creature.
Sound: A sound that the creature will play when text is initialized.
Broadcast Text ID: Broadcast Text information. ID of broadcast in broadcast_text.

For the execution of the controls, you must (at least) check one of the three options, which are: File, Database and Clipboard.

Example for File:
When you execute it to a file, it executes it on your Desktop/My Updates folder, with the year, month, day and the number of updates you did that day for the database. (2014_09_02_0_creature_text.sql).

Example for Database:
Before doing this action, you must have your MySQL up (Server = localhost, Database = world, Username = root, Password = ascent). After you execute it, it will freeze for around 2-3 seconds (depending on how good your machine is).

Example for Clipboard:
Nothing much to say, it clears your Clipboard and copies the SQL code, generated from the controls.

Generate Broadcast Text:
If you PLAN to make a new broadcast_text, CLICK. THIS. BUTTON. After you click the button and the execute button, the broadcast_text will be with your creature_text SQL generated code.

That's it for now, if you want me to make a new program for a database, just tell me!

Download: *** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

Credit to Grimtonz1337 by *** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

Vertrauen wird oft dadurch erschöpft, dass es in Anspruch genommen wird.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Moop - creature_text/broadcast_text
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freut mich dass es dir gefällt ^^ ;)

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